Although many of us find management-speak laughable or infuriating, perhaps we should consider writing about what we want to achieve in a language that will be readily digestible by corporate decision makers, policy analysts, researchers and so forth. I think it's important that we start out by making it clear to the DCC, ORC, NZTA, MoT or whoever that we are not just a bunch of whiners. We want to help, and worth with, the people who can make the things we desire actually happen. We should do all we can to make it plain the we do not want an adversarial relationship with the powers-that-be, rather we want to

This does not mean we have to abandon our principles, or suck up or kow-tow to anyone. I am simply suggesting that having a respectful and cooperative attitude is more likely to succeed than having an adversarial and attacking one. So, to appeal to the "suits". should we have a vision and mission statement? I'm not convinced we need these things, but if we did have them, what would they look like?

I've made a first stab at these things below. Feel free to edit them to your heart's content.


That Dunedin's public transport system is at least as good, if not better, than that of the major cities in New Zealand. Taking the bus should be a reasonable option that will be considered by anyone planning to travel within Dunedin City. Taking the bus should be an enjoyable experience and economically rational compared to a single-occupant private motor vehicle.


To work with the agencies responsible for planning and implementing public transport in New Zealand, representing the voices of their customers. To solicit, record and convey the concerns of the community in an open and transparent manner, allowing anyone to participate and have their concerns listened to and preserved for all to see.

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