to the chief executive, Otago Regional Council

Submission in response to 'Connecting Concord' consultation

Thank you for the invitation to comment on this consultation. We make our submission on behalf of Green Island and Concord residents having discussed the matter widely with them over several months.

Bus Users Support Group Otepoti-Dunedin supports the proposal to extend Route 70 to Concord. This extension will be a good thing for Concord residents, but it would only fulfil the wishes of about 40% of greater Green Island residents who signed the petition requesting extension of Route 70 via South Dunedin to the City.

We believed our proposed "70 Local to Dunedin" route was the best way to satisfy all concerns with this part of the network and we are disappointed that the full proposal was not adopted by the regional council.

We still believe that a centre as large as Green Island has enough population to warrant more than two buses per hour to the city centre.

We hope that the Otago Regional Council will continue to look for ways to connect Green Island with South Dunedin. There are several routes terminating on the Lookout Point-Corstorphine ridge and now there will be two routes terminating at the bottom of the same hill. The opportunity should be taken to make this small geographical area a hub connecting many routes, not a barrier.

Bus Users Support Group wishes to speak in support of this submission. Our contact details follow.