1. Do you have any comments on our plans for 2017/18? Bus Users Support Group Otepoti-Dunedin requests that the 2017-2018 Annual Plan include a programme to upgrade bus stops in Dunedin City to a standard equalling or exceeding that in the NZTA Guidelines for Public Transport Infrastructure and Facilities and the World Heath Organisation's WHO Healthy Cities programme, in consultation with bus users. We suggest that improvements be made when normal road maintenance or construction is carried out so that there need not be any extra construction cost. For example, when road markings are reinstated following resealing, the yellow "bus stop" markings could be reinstated in accordance with the 'Guidelines' document.

In conjuction with, and funded by, the Otago Regional Council, we would like the Dunedin City Council to install additional bus stops at the following places (this list will also be included in our ORC Annual Plan submission):

  • outside Tool Shed, Hillside Rd (one one side only, as the other direction is adequately served by the Caledonian Gymnasium stop)
  • outside and opposite Pak n save,, Hillside Rd
  • Crawford/Jervois corner
  • Crawford/Jetty corner
  • Outside and opposite rest home in Marnest/Somerville St Andersons Bay
  • Opp/adj Clarendomn Hotel, Mclaggan St
  • both sides near bushy end of Canongate/Serpentine Ave hairpin corner
  • opp/adj Bracken Court, Moray Pl (to replace Savoy/Tip Top stops)
  • Opp/adj Library steps (to replace Civic Centre/BNZ stops; could be served by Concord-Port Chalmers bus. We are advised by DCC that although Moray Pl is often closed for graduation, george St and Octagon is always open at such times)

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2. How much do you think we should spend on our Environment Strategy in the 2017/18 year?


3. Are there projects you would like us to consider in the next rounds of planning? Bus Users Support Group Otepoti-Dunedin requests that the next rounds of planning include a programme to continue upgrading bus stops in Dunedin City as above.

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4. Are there things we could do better? Bus stops need to be built and maintained to a higher standard to meet the DCC's legal obligations under the Human Rights Act to not discriminate against disabled or aged people or parents of small children (using prams).

5. Are there things we should do more of or less of in the future?

5a) More of: More bus stops with ease of access for the bus to pull closely alongside, giving passengers an easy step into or out of the bus

5b) Less of: Brand new bus stops built with no kerbs such as along Portobello Rd cycleway, therefore illegally discriminating against disabled, elderly and parents.

Information about the results of future decision making Yes, I wish to receive information about the results of future decision-making by email

Title co-president

First name Peter

Last name Dowden

Organisation Name Bus Users Support Group Otepoti-Dunedin

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