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Bus Users Support Group Otepoti-Dunedin


Collect and share insights:Edit

When new Otago Regional Council bus travel cards are introduced, use a version of these as a tourist visitor travel pass, and collect valuable geographical data (accurate to the nearest bus stop) mapping the movement of tourists around the city. Include entry to top attractions on the pass.

Raise our profile:Edit

In cooperation with Otago Regional Council, establish a bold "Dunedin public transport" brand and repaint all buses accordingly, so that they become as iconic an image of Dunedin as red double deckers in London or green trams in Melbourne

Bring Dunedin on board:Edit

The basis of a good tourism plan is that "what's good for tourists is good for locals" - tourists are attracted to good liveable cities with excellent public transport like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vienna, Berlin, Paris etc ... Stop announcements on board buses would help tourists as well as locals with disabilities. Work with Otago Regional Council to introduce these.

Develop Capacity:Edit

Together with Otago Regional Council ensure that key tourist sites are accessible by bus with convenient bus stops. Those currently lacking good transport links include: Toitu museum, Chinese garden, Olveston. Extend Harington Point bus to Taiaroa Head Albatross Centre and extend Mosgiel bus to Airport (with fare zone increments added). Advertise the good connections that are already available to Baldwin St. generally encourage tourists to use spare capacity already available on buses.

Create compelling experiences:Edit

Encouraging tourists to mix and mingle with locals on local public transport will give tourists a genuine immersion in Dunedin life. This will be something they could remember always, more than a slick-looking hotel foyer or a "could be anywhere" tourist-focussed attraction.

Deliver a great year round destination:Edit

Turning the question on its head: In relation to public transport, the peak tourist season coincides with a downturn in local bus use over the summer. Make more use of this spare capacity by marketing bus transport to tourists. Maybe throw a free bus pass in with a hotel stay.

Please provide any further feedback you wish to give regarding the proposed plan.Edit

I just want to emphasise some main points:

  1. what's good for locals is good for tourists
  2. what's good for tourists is good for locals
  3. there could be some amazing data to be discovered by giving electronic bus passes to tourists
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