At Bus Go we are often asked "why are the buses so big when they are so often empty?"

We understand the answers to this are as follows:

1: Big buses cost only slightly more to buy, operate and maintain than small buses.

2: If big buses were used in peak hours and small ones off peak, there would be a period of disruption perhaps four times a day as the fleet is swapped from off peak to peak and back again.

3: Bus companies can make more money hiring big buses on private charters when they are notr using them in public bus services

4: Running big buses ensures that it is very unlikely that waiting passengers are ever turned away because the bus is full.

Dunedin has in fact tried using small buses: there were once a fleet of ten little buses running up and down the ormanby St Clair]] route every ten minutes. There were many instances of passengers being turned away, and often being turned away from the following bus as well.

For these reasons, Bus Go Dunedin is inclined to agree with the bus companies and Otago Regional Council, and support the use of big buses in Dunedin. We would support small buses on essential routes to areas with very narrow roads unsuitable for large buses though.

We also support the idea of off-peak discount fares to fill up those big buses during quieter periods.

We welcome any comments below.