Public transport in Dunedin, New Zealand is mainly by bus. Three bus companies operate routes under their respective brands, co-branded with the Otago Regional Council as "GoBus". There are 18 weekday routes and 12 weekend/public holiday routes.

Bus fares are paid for by cash, or by the electronic ticketing system "GoCard" which replaced paper multi-trip tickets in November 2007.

Bus operatorsEdit

The GoBus network is operated with over 55 low floor wheelchair-accessible buses, and a further 2-3 non-wheelchair accessible buses mainly used at peak hours.[1] Bus route service contracts are often split between weekday services and weeknight-weekend-holiday services. There are currently (in 2011) three local bus companies:

  • Passenger Transport-Citibus (also known under their pre-merger names: Dunedin Passenger Transport and Citibus) operates the great majority of weekday routes, and all evening/weekend/public holiday routes.
  • Ritchies Transport operates weekday services to Pine Hill, Opoho, Lookout Point and Shiel Hill
  • Mosgiel Coach Services operates one service to Kaikorai Valley and Concord


Low floor

Designline-built low-floor suburban buses operated by Passenger Transport-Citibus at their Transport Place depot

Weekdays and SaturdaysEdit

Weekday and Saturday services run Monday to Friday from 6:30am to between 6:00pm and 7:00pm (depending on route), when the Weekday evening services take over, and from about 7am to 10pm on Saturdays.

Most bus routes from the north and west are interconnected with routes from the south, with buses continuing from one route through to the other, forming one long bus route. For example, buses from Pine Hill continue though the Octagon to Lookout Point, and vice versa. Buses are signed through to their destination, so a bus from Pine Hill will be signed "40 Lookout Point", not "5 Octagon" and then "40 Lookout Point" (unless the bus terminates at the Octagon).[2]

All services except Ravensbourne Hill and Palmerston are required to accept wheelchairs, and some are required to accept bikes as indicated in the table; bike and wheelchair accepting buses may appear on other routes from time to time.

Outer terminus via Central terminus Interconnected route(s) Notes
1/2 Palmerston Waikouaiti, Karitane, Waitati Dunedin
Cumberland Street
- Special fares apply Bike-icon
3/4 Garden Village Glenleith, Gardens, University, George Street Octagon 23/24 Ocean Grove Wheelchair symbol
5/6 Pine Hill Gardens, George Street Octagon 39/40 Lookout Point Wheelchair symbol Bike-icon
8/9 Normanby Gardens, George Street Octagon 28/29 St Clair
10/11 Opoho Gardens, George Street Octagon 21/22 Shiel Hill Wheelchair symbol Bike-icon
13/14 Port Chalmers
Harrington Street
Port Chalmers Central, Sawyers Bay, Roseneath, St Leonards, Burkes, Ravensbourne, Fertilizer Works, Logan Park, University (inbound), George Street (inbound), Octagon (inbound) Countdown
Cumberland Street
17/18 Portobello Edwards Bay, Turnbulls Bay, Broad Bay, Company Bay, Macandrew Bay, The Cove, Exchange Centre City New World - Wheelchair symbol
19/20 Highcliff Waverley, Musselburgh (outbound), Exchange Centre City New World - Wheelchair symbol
21/22 Shiel Hill Musselburgh, Exchange Octagon 10/11 Opoho Wheelchair symbol Bike-icon
23/24 Ocean Grove Bay Cemetery, Cargills Corner, Exchange Octagon 3/4 Garden Village Wheelchair symbol
25/26 St Kilda Cargills Corner, Exchange Octagon 53/55 Brockville
57/58 Halfway Bush
28/29 St Clair Cargills Corner, Exchange Octagon 8/9 Normanby
32/34 Corstorphine Kew, Cargills Corner, Exchange Octagon Wheelchair symbol Bike-icon
33/35 Corstorphine Caversham, Exchange Octagon Wheelchair symbol Bike-icon
37/38 Concord Kenmure, Bradford, Kaikorai, Moana Pool, Octagon (outbound), George Street (outbound) University - Wheelchair symbol Bike-icon
39/40 Lookout Point / Calton Hill Template:Ref Caversham, Exchange Octagon 5/6 Pine Hill Wheelchair symbol Bike-icon
50/51 Helensburgh Wakari, Kaikorai, Moana Pool, Octagon George Street University Wheelchair symbol Bike-icon
53/55 Brockville Halfway Bush, Kaikorai, Moana Pool, George Street (inbound) Octagon 25/26 St Kilda
57/58 Halfway Bush Brockville, Bradford, Kaikorai, Moana Pool, George Street (inbound) Octagon 25/26 St Kilda
59/60 Bradford Belleknowles, Belgrave Crescent, City Rise, Octagon, George Street University - Wheelchair symbol
61/62 Kenmure Mornington, Octagon, George Street University - Wheelchair symbol Bike-icon
63/64 Balaclava Mornington, Octagon, George Street University - Wheelchair symbol Bike-icon
66/67 Belgrave Crescent Roslyn, Maori Hill, Prospect Park, University, George Street Octagon - Wheelchair symbol
70/71 Brighton Ocean View, Waldronville, Green Island, Burnside, Caversham, Cargills Corner (inbound), Exchange, Octagon Centre City New World - Wheelchair symbol
72/73 Abbotsford
McKinlay Road
Abbotsford Central, Green Island, Burnside, Caversham, Cargills Corner (inbound), Exchange, Octagon Centre City New World - Wheelchair symbol
74/75 Green Island Burnside, Caversham, Cargills Corner (inbound), Exchange, Octagon Centre City New World - Wheelchair symbol
76/77 Mosgiel
Centre Street
Mosgiel Gordon Road, Fairfield, Sunnyvale, Green Island, Burnside, Caversham, Cargills Corner (inbound), Exchange, Octagon Centre City New World - Wheelchair symbol
78/79 Mosgiel
Centre Street
Mosgiel Centre Road, Dunedin Southern Motorway, Exchange, Octagon Centre City New World - Mosgiel Express
Wheelchair symbol
80/81 Mosgiel
Gordon Road
Mosgiel East, Gordon Road, Mosgiel West Mosgiel
Gordon Road
- Mosgiel Loop
Wheelchair symbol


  • Template:Fontcolor Route operated by Passenger Transport Citibus
  • Template:Fontcolor Route operated by Ritchies
  • Template:Fontcolor Route operated by Mosgiel Coach Services
  • Wheelchair symbol All buses on route are required to be wheelchair-accessible
  • Bike-icon Buses on route are required to be fitted with bike racks


  • Template:Note
  • Bike racks and wheelchair accessibility are available on many other routes in addition to those on which they are required

Weekday evenings, Sundays and Public HolidaysEdit

Weekday evenings services operate from about 6pm to 11pm and Sundays and Public Holidays services run from about 9am to 6pm. All services are operated by Passenger Transport Citibus, and they all accept wheelchairs and bikes[3].

From/returning to via Notes
7 Octagon George Street, Gardens, Pine Hill, Opoho
8/9 Octagon George Street, Gardens, Normanby interconnects with 28/29 St Clair
13/14 Countdown Cumberland Street Logan Park, Fertilizer Works, Ravensbourne, Burkes, St Leonards, Roseneath, Sawyers Bay, Port Chalmers, Harrington Street
17/18 Centre City New World Exchange, The Cove, Macandrew Bay, Company Bay, Broad Bay, Turnbulls Bay, Edwards Bay, Portobello
27 Octagon Exchange, Cargills Corner, St Kilda, Musselburgh, Shiel Hill not Saturday daytimes
27B Octagon Exchange, Cargills Corner, St Kilda Saturday daytime
27C Octagon Exchange, Cargills Corner (return only), Musselburgh, Shiel Hill Saturday daytime
28/29 Octagon Exchange, Cargills Corner, St Clair interconnects with 8/9 Normanby
36 Octagon Exchange, Cargills Corner, Kew, Corstorphine, Caversham
56 Octagon George Street (return only), Moana Pool, Kaikorai, Brockville, Halfway Bush, Wakari Hospital
65 Octagon Mornington, Balaclava, Lookout Point, Kenmure continues to University Saturday daytime
68 Octagon City Rise, Roslyn, Maori Hill, University, George Street
69 Octagon Moana Pool, Kaikorai, Wakari, Helensburgh, Maori Hill, Gardens, University, George Street
70/71 Centre City New World Octagon, Exchange, Cargills Corner (return only), Caversham, Burnside, Green Island, Waldronville, Ocean View, Brighton
72/73 Centre City New World Octagon, Exchange, Cargills Corner (return only), Caversham, Burnside, Green Island, Abbotsford, McKinlay Road not Sundays or Public holidays
74/75 Centre City New World Octagon, Exchange, Cargills Corner (return only), Caversham, Burnside, Green Island
76/77 Centre City New World Octagon, Exchange, Cargills Corner (return only), Caversham, Burnside, Green Island, Sunnyvale, Fairfield, Mosgiel, Centre Street

Bold text

Other transport servicesEdit

Super shuttle23

A Super Shuttle service to Dunedin International Airport, operated by Tourism Transport, loads a passenger at Dunedin Railway Station

Taxi companies in Dunedin include the following:

  • City Taxis
  • Dunedin Taxis
  • United Taxis Dunedin

There are no conventional bus services to Dunedin International Airport: this airport is served by a large fleet of shuttle vans provided by several operators including most of the local taxi companies. Airport shuttle vans typically travel non-stop to or from the airport and meander about the city and suburbs picking up or dropping passengers at each address.

Organising public transport in DunedinEdit

GoBus sticker

GoBus sticker

The vast majority of Dunedin's bus network is designed, specified, contracted and subsidised by the Otago Regional Council and funded by ratepayers. Buses use the individual companies' livery with Otago Regional Council GoBus stickers added. A couple of bus routes are operated commercially outside the Regional Council's control but still under the GoBus brand. All services are regulated by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). The Dunedin City Council has no administrative role other than as provider of the road infrastructure (with the exception of State Highways, for which NZTA is the provider), street furniture such as signs and seats and regulation of parking at bus stops. However, the city council is involved in discussions with the regional council over taking over the management of public transport.[4]


All GoBus services except the Palmerston service operate on a zone-based fare scheme. There are seven concentric fare zones, with Zone 1 containing central Dunedin, and Zone 7 containing Mosgiel, Brighton, and Harington Point. The Palmerston service operates independently of the zone system.

Fares are either paid in cash to the driver of the bus, or by GoCard. The GoCard is a radio frequency identification stored value card, similar to London's Oyster Card and identical (except for branding) to the Metrocard used for public transport in Christchurch. GoCards can be bought from the bus driver, or from Otago Regional Council or Dunedin City Council offices for $5, with a minimum top-up value of $10.

From 1 October 2010, GoBus fares are:[5]

Zones Cash GoCard
Adult Child Adult Concession Child
One $1.90 $1.30 $1.75 $1.46 $1.20
Two $2.60 $1.60 $2.30 $1.92 $1.47
Three $3.20 $1.90 $2.85 $2.38 $1.75
Four $3.70 $2.40 $3.31 $2.76 $2.12
Five $4.50 $2.60 $4.05 $3.37 $2.30
Six $5.50 $3.20 $4.97 $4.14 $2.85
Seven $6.40 $3.90 $5.80 $4.83 $3.50

History of public transport in DunedinEdit

The Dunedin City Council operated other forms of public transport — the Dunedin cable tramway system (similar to the famous San Francisco cable cars) operated between 1881 and 1957; electric trams operated on several routes from 1900 to 1956; and trolleybuses from 1950 to 1982.

New Zealand Government Railways Department operated Commuter trains from the Dunedin Railway Station to Wingatui and Mosgiel, and to Port Chalmers until 1982 and 1979, respectively. They also operated motor buses to the suburbs of Warrington, Cherry Farm, Brighton, Outram, Mosgiel.

In early times, there were ferries connecting the central city to Port Chalmers and Portobello, but these ceased in the 1930s when road connections along the harbour's edge were improved.

Former public transport operators companies in Dunedin include Turnbulls (Dunedin to Portobello); Newtons (Dunedin to Waverley), Otago Road Services (Dunedin to the suburbs of Green Island, Abbotsford and Fairfield) and Cesta Travel, later called Southeastern (a wide range of routes at various times).

The Taieri Gorge Railway has expressed interest in running a reinstated commuter rail service in Dunedin, but has no plans to proceed with the idea without funding. The Otago Regional Council is opposed, maintaining that Dunedin's passenger transport requirements are being adequately served by the bus system.[6]


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