Meeting minutes, Monday 1 October 2018 at 11am, Dunedin Public Library

Alex, Des, Beth, Mavis Telangi, Aparna Apologies from Peter

Museum bus.

Stickers on buses

Want labeling high up so we can see it and number on the back. Can't see it with the verandas in South Dunedin.

Green island report.

New ticketing. What is the switchover procedure? When will this be? We would like to have an easy switchover.

Bus timetables/ bus hub/ December There was some concern about pedestrian safety at the Gt King, moray place.

DCC/ORC joint management.

New members comments:

Better than Rotorua and Hamilton. Better than Christchurch.

Noted buses sometimes leave early (e.g. at Gardens). Better promotion of buses to visitors/tourists. Better frequency in the weekends. Needed by disabled and older people. At times drivers do not lower the buses, poor customer service. Idea about some more information about major routes on the cards. Car free day bus promotion was great. Is there a cost barrrier to users?

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