DRAFT Late submission

to: Bus Users Support Group Ōtepoti-Dunedin - Bus Go Dunedin DRAFT Late submission to 2gp consultation.

address for service: c/o 12 Woodhaugh St, Dunedin 9010


phone 0211372129

We do wish to be heard in support of our submission

We ask that our late submission be allowed as we are a community group/organisation which needs to meet to approve a submission and requires an extension due to meeting schedules. We met on 30 December to discuss and approve this submission.

Our submission

Bus Go Dunedin supports the proposed 2GP Plan to the extent that it encourages integration of development with the public transport network, known as "transit-oriented development"

If the plan does not do these things, we oppose the plan.

We support increased density housing and reduced on site car parking requirements at developments that are close to bus stops.

We request that the new plan requires new developments to be integrated with the public transport network, either by being located close to the existing network or by allowing for extension of the public transport to new developments. A new development should not be allowed to increase the city's average walking journey to a bus stop.