Meeting at Dunedin Public Library

Present: Mavis Timms Alex King Peterr Dowden

Discussed problems of Ridge Runner: poor frequency so long waiting times at interchange points. Consider joining the ends to make it a full loop via the waterfront.

Lack of bus stops on new routes:

still no bus stops between Andersons Bay Rd and Queens Gardens along Crawford St.

Lack of stops on Moreau St, St Kilda

Lack of stops at Marne St rest home

Surveys conducted recently by ORC:

different methodology between Canongate and Concord surveys Canongate survey complicated to fill in. Not open to all public Concord one easy to fill in and open to all.

Discussed prsent claim befor Human Rights Commission that ORC acted unlawfully by routing buses up steep Shetland and Lynn streets, on which steeply graded bus stops are inaccessible. If this claim is successful, maybe we could make the same clIaim about the Rattratpy St bus stop in City Rise, and get the old route back which had flatter more accessible stops.

Bus Hub planning hearing:

Implied at the hearing that hub would open by Easter and have bus services to Ed Sheeran concerts!

ORC still trying to avoid including shelters, to save money.

ORC under prssur from submissions and commissioners to include shelters

Hopefully shelters will be a condition of permission to build the hub.