McNab Meeting Room, Dunedin Public Library, 11am

those present:

Peter Dowden, Bus Go

Charlotte Panton, Gerard Collings and Julian Phillips, Otago Regional Council

Rosel Labone, Ch 39 Southern TV

Bus users Sharon Rohtnets, Teklagi Papau, Diane Yeldon, Mavis Timms and Liz Angelo

Apologies from Alex King and Eleanor Ross.

The Otago Regional Council was welcomed to today's meeting. Peter explained the agenda, which was for the ORC to explain changes and answer questions regarding the timetable effective 18 September.

Gerard gave an introduction to the council's approach with redesigning the bus services and timetable, in the "biggest change since 1990"

gerard gave March-April as the latest likely opening of the bus hub, with construction to occur from January so as not to be during Christmas shopping.

Julian outlined the changes, route by route, with questions and clarifications as he went.

general discussions of the bus service followed.

Gerard announced that the ORC had budgeted funds for the 19 Waverley/Belleknowes route to be upgraded to half-hourly or "regular" standard from 1 July 2018.

The meeting ended about 1230.