present Alex King, peter Dowden, Liz Angelo, Telagi papau, Ann McWhirter, Rowa Gordon

Today's theme: bus stopsEdit

  • not enough stops in city once bus hub is opened.
  • lack of bus stops on Crawford St route
  • hard to use bus stop (for passengers and drivers) outside Mitsubishi/Mad Butcher
  • RPTP specifies 400m between stops; Peter thinks it should be 200m in main centre.
  • extra stops should not slow bus services too much

It was agreed to ask ORC for the following new bus stops:

  • outside Tool Shed, Hillside Rd (one one side only, as the other direction is adequately served by the Caledonian Gymnasium stop)
  • outside and opposite Pak n save,, Hillside Rd
  • Crawford/Jervois corner
  • Crawford/Jetty corner
  • Outside and opposite rest home in Marnest/Somerville St Andersons Bay
  • Opp/adj Clarendomn Hotel, Mclaggan St
  • both sides near bushy end of Canongate/Serpentine Ave hairpin corner
  • opp/adj Bracken Court, Moray Pl (to replace Savoy/Tip Top stops)
  • Opp/adj Library steps (to replace Civic Centre/BNZ stops; could be served by Concord-Port Chalmers bus. We are advised by DCC that although Moray Pl is often closed for graduation, george St and Octagon is always open at such times)

other businessEdit

City RiseEdit

Liz reported still nbo action on survey of residents in canongate area. Jessie has had an injury. Difficulty accessing Total Mobility as one needs to jon one of several organisations then get a medical referral for an incapacity lasting more than six months. Liz said the route change has not advantaged anyone but disadvantaged many. Liz is thinking of organising a protest.

it was agreed to ask ORC to hasten consultation on City Rise and to review Total Mobility criteria

other other businessEdit

  • No spot on ORC consultation for annual plan to discuss Dunedin buses, only Queenstown
  • briefly discussed Pine Hill stops
  • Next meeting to be held in South Dunedin, with The Wish List as theme.