present Maria kaspers, Jessie Forslind, Jackie Sparrow, Tim Bishop, Liz Angelo, Mavis Timms,. Peter Dowden, Alex King, Des McIntosh; apologies from Telagi papau, jeanette Robinson Tromop.

Liz read a letter from Gerard Collings.

Route 19 was discussed:

  • roundabout nature of route
  • change to route through City Rise means it serves fewer people
  • hard for wheelchair users to use Rattray St stops near Arthur St due to steep terrain
  • Decline in numbers threatens the council plan to increase frequency "subject to demand" when they are effectively destroying demand

It was agreed to support both a return to City Rise route and previous half hourly frequency

Other businessEdit

We briefly discussed:

  • No 3 poor access to South Dunedin shops
  • bus kneeling
  • the desirability for better consultation by ORC before route changes