Joint meeting of Greater Green Island Community Network and Bus Users Support Group

Civic Hall, Green Island

Monday 3 October 2016

Peter Dowden, Alex King, telagi Papau, (Bus Go)

Evan Vincent, Elaine day,

Anne Jeanette Tromop, Leanne Stenhouse, Lucas, Renee, Graham, Lawrence, leslie, Steve haywood

Amanda Jack Rutherford


Waverley (10 minutes)

Jeanette explained how we ran the Amazing Race from Waverley to the city and beat the bus by twelve minutes. The problem is caused by a scheduled 37 minute wait halfway areound the waverley loop. the response to this publicity stunt from the regional council. It was suggested that the council drop off on request in Waverley then return to Challis St and depart from there on time and this would be acceptable as a temporary solution. We would like a rejigging of thye timetable as outlined in the petition.

Remaining issues include the deletion of the itry Rise part of belleknowes and the wording of bus signs. Both contained in the petition.

online petition not working

Another issue not in the petition is the confusing southward leg along Gweorge St no matter which way the bus is heading.


The presentation of the Green Island 70 Local To Dunedin petition was described.

The petition was reasonably well received by elected councillors. There is a concern that council staff make their own interpretation of councilpolicy without reference to elected councillors.

The council's suggested remedy "Option 2" was discussed.

This would give Green Island people about half of what the petition asked.

The remaining issue is the continued lack of connection with South Dunedin. If the system requires transfers these need to be provided at places with adequate waiting facilities. Better information is needed. Many transfer points require dangerous road crossings.

Loss of connection with South D is affecting businesses there.

The meeting agreed that Bus Go should request the fullimplementation of the requested 70 Local route with extending Corstorphine route as a compromise.

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