Meeting between Peter of Bus Go Dunedin and Anna of Volunteering Otago

held at 12.15pm at Community House, Friday 10 June 2016

Anna gave Bus Go the following advice about our Bus Buddies programme:

  • set parameters for police vetting before getting it done on a prospective volunteer
    • (for example, we might want to exclude a volunteer for dishonesty offences or offences against the person but maybe not for offences that wouldn't affect their work as a bus buddy)
    • don't make policy on whom to exclude "on the hop"
    • how long ago offence occurred might be a parameter ("everyone makes mistakes")
  • decide on Police vs Ministry of Justice vetting (slow and thorough vs fast but limited to court convictions)
    • our timeframe for recruitment and training might not make speed important; can train people or chaperone them while awaiting vetting results)
  • train volunteers on "relationship boundaries" - include in Code of Conduct.
    • volunteer centre can provide this training, standard for many types of volunteer. "Free" if a "Friends of Volunteering Otago" member, but cots about $50 to join)
  • Need to recruit a Bus Buddies programme manager. This could be a short term role as establishment of the programme is the biggest job. Need to say this in the ad.
    • Anna will pass on the role to the University volunteer centre as it's ideal for a student
  • need policy about transporting clients in volunteers' cars, possibly rule it out altogether as in conflict with Bus Go's basic kaupapa
  • Neighbourhood Support is a good source of client referrals
  • Bus Go needs to sort out reimbursement (of bus fares, by free travel or grant funding), remove reference to volunteers maybe having to pay for this in our ad
  • Consider how/who to target
    • as clients
    • as volunteers
    • do we want to target particular areas (a suburb)?
    • do we want to target particular demographics (students as volunteers; elderly as clients)?

Bus Go donated coffee and bikkies to Volunteer Centre

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