Bus Go Dubedin public meeting held in the McNab room, Dunedin Public Library on March 6, 2015

matters discussed

1: the Regional Public Transport Plan specified a big reduction in zones but fares were not set. We have another chance to campaign on fares including Community Services Card discount. I have applied under the LGOIMA for fare zone data and asked for evidence that ratepayers were requesting a reduction in fare zones.

2: Judith's petition on en-route waiting periods, 300 signatures, although we have always made it clear this was not fully a Bus Go thing, they haven't even responded as far as I know. What next? They appear to be thinking "oh well, we'll change it in July"

3: Bus Driver of the Year, School Bus Driver of the Year, Bus of the year, ... good way to promote public transport, get a pub to give away meals for 2 to the winners, hold presentation in the same pub, ORC chairperson awards honours... Peter to discuss with The Star newspaper and ORC

4: Bus Stop Accessibility: Human Rights Commission gets involved, DCC suddenly interested in talking again

5: Draft Guidelines for Public Transport Infrastructure and Facilities: why still draft? What about low vision, yellow bobbles, yellow line on kerb, no obstructions in entry/exit tapers or halting area? Alex or Lynley iif Wellington anytime to see the guy

6: Peter Dowden and Alex King were elected as co-presidents by general acclamation.

next public meeting: to be held in August or September, maybe in Green Island, to see how the new Green Island and Mosgiel services ar getting on.

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