Minutes of the meeting of Bus Go Dunedin held 6pm 11 December 2013 at the McNab room, Dunedin Public Library.

Present: John Williams (spokesperson), Lynley Hood (spokesperson), Chris Forde, Andy Langford, Peter Dowden (chairperson), Jennifer Milne. Alex King (secretary), Nicholas Tulloch, Annette Tulloch, Kalonike Price, Judith Hewitt, Trevor Webb, Andrew Robinson, Paulette Finn, Jennifer Milne, Dave Allen, Paula Waby, Jane Ashman.

Apology: Phillipa Wilson (spokesperson)

John Williams resigned as a spokesperson in order to maintain a neutral position to further his research work into public transport.

ORC has proposed to change some services.  We helped members make a personal submission, 2 submissions were made.

A large delegation of bus users from Corstorphine were in attendance.

There was a strong response to the changes on the Corstophine route which happened earlier, and there was a consensus against cutting service to Murray, Lockerbie and Skibo Streets.

The Corstorphine group decided to organise a petition requesting a reversal of the July 2013 timetable changes.

As a group we drafted a Submission to the ORC on December 2013 bus service changes proposal, and we also floated the idea of a a form submission that would enable individual members to make their views known.

It was mentioned that Gobus should have an 0800 number. It was pointed out that Gobus is able to be contacted via ORC main number 0800 474 082.

BusGo is meeting ORC this Friday, Peter and Alex will go and represent the group (this was later rescheduled to the following Tuesday 17 and Lynley and Phillipa were also to attend).

The story of a successful intervention was relayed, the mayor intervened and a bus user is now satisfied with their bus access.

The Otago Heritage Bus Society Christmas service was explained. 

A member explained how quickly her official information request was responded to, and the meeting was impressed with the response above and beyond the call of duty.

The meeting closed at 7.39pm.

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